You require this course by law to legally operate a VHF radio on pleasure craft on non-pleasure vessels operating 25 miles or less from shore. VHF / DSC is a vital piece of safety equipment allowing you to send and receive Distress, Urgency and Safety messages put out by other boaters and the Coast Guard.
Call the Coast Guard in case of an emergency or check in with a marina to reserve a slip for the night. Don’t depend on a cell phone in case of an emergency, other vessels can’t hear your call for assistance!

The course is one full day (8 hours) and entails a practical session simulating emergencies on the water using proper radio etiquette. Radio functions and channel selection.

At the end of the course you will be able to communicate and summon help from the Coast Guard, communicate with other vessels using the VHF radio, utilizing proper radio procedures.

Captain and the Chef Marine Services Inc. instructors are certified by Industry Canada to administer the exam at the end of the course. Upon passing the course a temporary license will be issued followed up by your lifetime credit card-style Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime) ROC – M with DSC endorsement.

Cost: $225.00 + Tax (GST 5%)