Marine Emergency Duties Med - A3

Marine Emergency Duties A3 is a one day class concerned with EMERGENCIES that can happen onboard your small non-pleasure vessel. Such as fire fighting, distress signals, man overboard, abandon ship and cold water shock/hypothermia.

Marine Emergency Duties A3 is a one day MED course required for crew on small non-pleasure vessels 5 tonnes or less or cargo (non-passenger) vessels less than 15 tons, or fishing vessels less than 150 tonnes, operating no more than 25 nautical miles from shore. Fish farm, aquaculture, sport fishing lodge and fuel dockhands may also require the course and benefit form the training.

This course is all about safety and we use the latest training techniques to make sure students have the skills to save themselves and passengers in the unlikely event of an emergency situations.

Topics covered include Master's Owner and Crew responsibilities,  hazards & risk management, prevention & vessel stability, Emergency Response, fire fighting, survival & lifesaving equipment use and storage, distress signaling including flares, VHF-DSC Radio & EPIRB's, cold water  shock and emergency response, coastal search & rescue coverage and procedures.
The ability to provide assistance in fire and abandonment situations.

Cost: $150.00 + Tax (GST 5%)


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